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Long Island brand Videos
Long Island Brand Video
Corporate Brand Videos. Sounds boring, right?
What if we told you that your potential
clients could get a full view into the core
values of your brand…
in less than 2 minutes?

Sounds like a great video to us.

The Solvis Brand Video

Stand out in the digital age

The old tricks of advertising have lost their effectiveness on modern consumers. With ads bombarding everyday life, it’s hard for companies to stand out among a sea of like-minded services.
At Solvis, we believe that in order to leave an impression, companies have to show off their uniqueness. Win the hearts and minds of consumers. Brand videos needs to have a high quality production and a simple, yet effective message. Solvis is here to help.

Showcase your brand

Imagine opening a website, and being greeted by a wall of text. Now, imagine being greeted by the face of the company’s brand. How can you stand out in New York, Long Island or Connecticut? The best brand video can make it happen.

What are brand videos?

Brand videos are short, but substantive videos. Filmed in a documentary style, brand videos showcase your brand’s identity & mission, some of its key features, and what sets you apart from the crowd.

With all of that information, wrapped up in about 2 minutes, it’s not surprising that 83% of marketers say that video marketing helps them with increasing lead generation.

best brand video

Highest quality video, for the Highest quality brands

The democratization of video making technology has changed the way we view videos. Before, making a video was a highly specialized task left only to professionals or dedicated amateurs. Now, most consumers have a camera sitting in their pocket at all times. 
In order to rise among the numerous cat videos on the internet, a brand video needs to have something many internet & cell phone videos lack – quality. 
A clear picture, crisp audio, and smooth camera work ensure that a brand takes their image seriously and will put the same level of dedication into the services they offer.
Pair that with innovative storytelling & creative editing, and blow your competition out of the water. Solvis Media has dedicated professionals who guarantee high caliber production for any and all brand videos.

Messages that make an impact

Advertising is the war of consumer attention. A brand video should be interesting without any unnecessary complication.  It’s best to think of brand videos as a form of storytelling. This video should tell a story where the brand is a hero. Why should these consumers trust and remember this specific brand?

In order for storytelling to be effective, the message needs to be interesting, while also being clear. The focus should be on a specific audience, but in order to become viral, it will need to endear itself to the average person. Sounds complicated, right? It is, but Solvis Media specializes in the nuance of storytelling. 

Solvis Media will workshop ideas with business owners to make sure a brand video meets their needs and expectations. After learning the needs of a customer, we will write, film, and edit a video specializing in that area of focus whether it’s real estate or social media marketing. 

Our editing team will send their cuts to our customers and incorporate any notes into the final product. We won’t stop until the brand video reaches perfection. For Solvis Media, production is all about collaboration and satisfaction.

The key to the heart of a consumer is quality and sincerity. With cutting-edge production quality and top-notch storytelling skills, Solvis Media is ready to make your next brand video pop. From short social media plugs, to long form commercials, Solvis Media is ready to tackle any brand and any video. We look forward to working on your next brand video.

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