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NYC Digital Advertising Agency NYC

Video? Created.

Graphics? Designed.

Socials? Posted.

Emails? Sent.

Ads? Running.

Venue? Packed.

Take a Visual Approach and stand out in NYC with Digital Advertising

A new solution to a new problem

Digital Advertising in NYC has been changed quite a bit by Apple and Facebook’s battle over user privacy. With 75% of user data effectively wiped out, companies have to adapt to new ways of reaching audiences. We’re well equipped for this change, and here to help.

As a Creative Content Agency, we develop videos and graphic designs that convert more than other advertisers. Pair that with our multi-channel Social Media Management platform that creates an organic audience — and your potential audience is still limitless.

Case Study: Toys For Tots Kickoff on Long Island, New York


  • Created Digital Ads spread across Instagram and Facebook for New Yorkers
  • Digital Advertising targeted towards small business owners in certain organizations in NY
  • Developed a small and appropriate budget
  • Video and graphic design work completed, then formed a digital ad strategy
  • RESULTS: $0.03 CPC vs Industry Average of $1.50 – In easy to understand terms: Extremely engaging advertisement that brought hundreds of people to the venue with allocated spend
  • Helped develop a live event approach for Facebook and Zoom Conferencing
  • Event video and photography produced