Social Media Management & Marketing Services

Boost your Long Island brand’s social media presence with creative & dynamic marketing and management campaigns from Solvis Media.

This Long Island social media and digital marketing agency provides results-driven strategies aimed at awareness, engagement, and most importantly – conversions.

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Our Long Island Social Media Management Clients Get Results

Nassau Chamber Social Media Management

Nassau Chamber of Commerce Social Media

  • Targeted social media campaigns reaching tens of thousands of businesses in Nassau County, LI
  • 455% Increase in Engagements
  • 230% Increase in Organic Traffic
Exit Realty Social Media Management

Exit Realty LI Social Media Managers

  • Direct Objective to Reach Exclusively College Students via Social Media
  • 220% Increase in Engagements
  • $10,000’s in Leads Acquired Through DM’s

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5 Stars on Social Media Management Google Reviews
Social Media Management Digital Agency Long Island


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    Business Social Media Management Services in Long Island

    Video Production

    Solvis’ Long Island digital marketing company offers video production services that go above and beyond status-quo. Our video production team includes professional video producers, editors and cinematographers with extensive experience producing commercial, internet ads and more.

    Social Media Management

    Increase your brand awareness, connect with your customers and watch your business grow online. Solvis’ Long Island agency is a team of professional and award winning marketers with backgrounds in analytics and content creation.

    Content Creation

    Solvis’ Long Island team has digital artists ready to write original content and copy, create exciting graphic design work, print ads, video production, and so much more. Whether it be ad campaigns, or daily original content for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube, Solvis is here to help your business stand out from the rest.

    Social Media Marketing and Audience Targeting

    Increase your brand awareness and conversions, while watching your business grow online. Solvis’ Long Island digital marketing experts create social media marketing solutions. From concept to completion, our industry professionals plan and create Social Media Marketing campaigns that have enormous ROI. Our social media marketing solutions place your brand in front of your target audience.

    Full Service Social Media Management Long Island

    At Solvis, we do everything from concept and profile creation, to marketing targeted ad campaigns, content creation, and everywhere in between. When you sign on with us, your business immediately gets a dedicated account manager that tailors to your specific needs.

    We’re a full-service agency – which means we do everything in house. Including incredible video content like this:

    Long Island Social Media Management


    Social media marketing is a must have for any modern business. At Solvis Media, we not only understand the importance of social media, but also use it as a tool to foster development of a brand’s online presence. The Social Media strategy from our team connects businesses with existing customers, and creates relationships with new ones – all online.

    Getting started with us, is a simple 3-step process:

    Get in contact with us

    When you get in contact with us, we assign you to a creative director that you’ll work closely with to see what needs we can fill for you


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    Formulate a Strategy

    After we find out your needs, we go full speed with creating a color palette, a visual plan & timed original posts. Whether it’s new content every month, re-sharing in the right places, or digital advertising, we know what to do.

    Engage with new & current customers

    After launching the new and improved social media campaigns, we see immediate increase in interactions and leads through social media. Using Facebook or Instagram as a CRM tool, commenting & engaging with customers, and finding new clients are all benefits you’ll reap from redesigning your page.

    solvis social media management and marketing
    Visual Identity Social Media
    Nassau Social Media Management Chamber

    A team of creatives at your service

    With original and unique posts, we reshape feeds and increase customer interactions.
    From digital ads, to podcasting space, short video clips & sharing in the right spots, we can increase your client base exponentially. We’re a Long Island social media management company, but we service all 50 states.

    Original Posts

    At Solvis, our clients enjoy a young team of artists that understand the nuances of Social Media. We’re here to create a visual plan to make your feed flawless.

    MOST POPULAR: Facebook Advertising

    Find your base with a cost-effective digital billboard. See why Facebook is one of the biggest advertising platforms of 2021

    Unique Ad Campaigns

    Promote your business by targeting current customers & finding new ones with creative campaigns online


    More than just a “presence.”

    You hear it time and time again. Even in the opening paragraph; The social media “presence.”
    At Solvis, we believe companies of all sizes can go beyond just a “presence.” Our social media management and marketing sources original content from our team of creators.

    We allow businesses to contact a variety of consumers on a multitude of platforms.
    With the right marketing strategy, your company’s social media accounts will
    bring your company more impressions, leads, and recognition.

    That’s more than a “presence.”


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    Social Media Management Long Island

    No time for templates

    Great video and art on your page will dramatically increase your engagement. Not only are they scroll-stopping, but they also connect customers to you and your brand.

    Simple but eye-catching posts like the one shown here, can make an impact.

    That’s why Solvis creates original, unique posts with our clients.

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    Long Island Social Media Management

    Authentic Marketing

    Social media is ushering in the business of the future. Marketing campaigns can reach thousands of consumers with the click of a button. Don’t waste money on other marketing companies who don’t have the time and passion to sit down and collaborate with their clients.

    Unlike other social media marketing companies, Solvis Media won’t waste time with unspecific and bland campaigns. Our social media team works hard to tailor each social media marketing strategy to our individual clients. We work hard to work with our clients to create a post that pleases businesses and customers. No post will be recycled and no client will be unsatisfied.

    How to Utilize Social Media Marketing

    The availability of the internet is a blessing and a curse. While your brand can capture the attention of prospective customers, other brands can do the same. In order to win hearts and minds, social media marketing posts have to stand out.

    Solvis Media specializes in social media marketing with years of experience with designing web content and marketing strategies. Our team of content creators know how to leave an impression on the web.

    Long Island Social Media Management
    Social Media Management Identity

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