Our company


What sets us apart as a company, our mission & our vision for the future.

Corporate Video Production NYC

Our mission

We’re on a mission to build brands through visual media.

That means that companies of all sizes can reap the benefits of a great video campaign.

We create content that is creative, unique, motivational, funny, happy, emotional… really anything in between. We take pride in our work and strive to achieve new heights in the video and visual media industry each day.

Our team of creatives consistently critiques & upholds the high standards to which our videos are set.

The result is a great product, that our customers, and their clients alike love and appreciate for years to come.

Our vision

We look at the future of visual media & see pros and cons to marketing, entertainment & media.

We work with brands of all sizes, but we, ourselves, are a small business that understand the struggles & accommodations a smaller sized company faces in day-to-day operations.

Our vision for the future is one in which smaller brands can afford and have access to; competitive digital marketing strategies, that grow their business through visual media. Creating content that connects online with potential clients, and return customers.

While Solvis grows, we also envision a day in which we can expand into the artistic space in New York, and countrywide. We want to create a program to help smaller artists & filmmakers achieve mainstream success through campaigns that connect them to larger audiences.

We want to be known as a certified B-Corp, giving back to the community & environment through passionate advocacy, using our platform as a leading digital media company.

While we lead our digital media campaigns through Facebook & Instagram, we eventually want to find a way to shift the advertising space away from intense phone usage. We want to advocate for lighter cell-phone and internet usage, while encouraging physical activity & mental wellbeing across the country.

This starts in the workplace. Read on about our company’s structure below.


Our structure

The general reliance on the typical 9-5 work day schedule is outdated & inconsistent with a creative person’s functionality.

Solvis strives to be a leader in the creative & professional service industry. In order to do that, we have to center our goals around maintaining a happy & healthy workforce.

We know that a happy & healthy workforce doesn’t mean adding a slide, or cool-looking couches to somehow brighten up a painful 10 hour shift.

Creativity is something that can often be exhausted if overused in the brain. Oftentimes if editors spend too much time working on projects, they burn out & as a result, the product is subpar.

What separates us from other firms is how we ensure productivity, go about our work schedule, and our transparent structure. First, our studio is open 24/7, 365. That means that employees have access to the best, industry standard equipment at all times.

Second, team members may work at their own leisure. We tend to have creative session meetings around 10am,  but otherwise, our team may get their work done whenever they see fit (as long as we meet deadlines for our customers).

Mondays are optional workdays. Team members may come in to work on a project for the firm, but we encourage that they spend the day either with family, working on a creative project (usually something in the film world), or just enjoying the day.

Finally, when in the workplace, we encourage team members to take breaks away from the desk, every 45 minutes. This could mean grabbing a bite, having a chat with co-workers, taking a run or exercising (which is something that we strongly believe in).

Every month we have check-ins with our team (not a monthly “performance review”), in which we all sit & discuss personal wellbeing.

The company is structured very simply. We’re all a team here.

At Solvis, we take pride in knowing that our workplace is an easy-going, fun place to create great content.


Why I started Solvis Media

I always wanted to be an artist. When I was 4, my parents would give me disposable cameras, and I would energetically run around, taking pictures of spaghetti and feet (I was a short kid).

As I grew older, I developed a passion for photography and digital design in High School. I started creating sports posters in Photoshop and then selling them.

Doing this, I grew a NY Jets fan page account on Instagram to 25K followers in a few months, quitting it after I realized the Jets weren’t winning anything, anytime soon. (I’m still a loyal fan).

I further perused my artistic endeavors by skipping class to hide in my High School’s Photo Room. At this time, I started to take up video as well.

When I was 15, I created a short documentary about a mural painter in Connecticut. That was one of my first videos & I absolutely fell in love with the idea of being a video producer.

By the time I reached college, I had created numerous short films that I was proud of & had sharpened my video skills to a professional point.

While investigating video as a professional career, I found that videos for small businesses were incredibly expensive and unaffordable. I saw some that were worth 50 thousand dollars, that I knew I could do all by myself with a small DSLR.

I was out a mission to create affordable, cinema-quality videos for businesses of all sizes & price ranges.

With the money I had saved up from working Retail jobs & internships, I maxed out my credit card & purchased a bunch of professional video equipment.

Almost three years ago, on December 30th 2018, I founded Solvis Media. I made the name “Sol-Vis” as a derivative from two Greek/Latin roots: Sol is Sun, as light is the most important thing in creating great looking Cinematography. Vis is visual. We do visual stuff.

I love my job. I love working with and helping the people and brands I work with. I love seeing new videos come to life every day as a result of my team’s dedication.

I can’t wait to get to know your brand, get to know you, and get to create an incredible piece of art for you and your company.

With Gratitude for the World Around Me,

Liam Bennett, CEO & Creative Director at Solvis Media

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