Why should my law firm use video production in 2021?

By: Liam Bennett

Law Firm Video Production Services? You should probably use them.

Ever since Google purchased YouTube in 2005, video production has become an extremely important art on the internet. Video Production – especially for law firm brands – is the most versatile type of online content & people’s most preferred, as well. At Solvis, we believe that great video marketing for a law firm, can set the firm apart from competition. Clients & Google believe this as well.

Law Firm Video Production & ROI

65% of executives who watch work-related ads visit the business’ website afterwards

64% of people who visit a business’ website are likely to use their service after watching a video

Viewers are 95% more likely to remember information when they watch it in a video, compared to only 10% when reading it.

Considering these statistics, attorneys are searching more and more for great video production. The impact it can have on marketing to clients is immeasurable.

Video production is the best tool to make a great impression on your audience (potential clients). It puts a face to a name, allows the audience to see your brand’s mission, vision, & identity — before even meeting you (the closer). 

One of the best ways to accomplish this goal is to create a brand video. With our unique storytelling for law firm brand videos, in ~2 minutes potential clients know everything they need to know about your firm. Have a look at one of our best examples of a brand video: 

It makes sense that 90% of web consumers say that a video helps them make a decision to buy a business’ product or service.