Inspirations: Today We’re Inspired by RedBull

I’ve always been super inspired by Red Bull’s approach to marketing.

If you’re familiar with their stunts, documentaries, and sponsorships – Red Bull is incredibly focused on organic video content.

When your campaign is fueled by those who embody the brand, it can lead to real magic online. How can we capture that same energy as salesmen, business leaders, marketers, and high-performers?

Some other great examples include:

  • Apple’s 1997 ‘Think Different’ Campaign, which celebrated creative pioneers through history
  • North Face Presents (YouTube), which highlights athletes & environmental conservation efforts

While mini-documentaries may be an enterprise-level investment, smaller to mid-sized companies can still drive revenue with inbound attraction using video. Lower-budget examples include collaborative User-Generated content, interview testimonials (more on this in a future post), and case study videos.

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