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Helping New York City Businesses Grow and Tell Their Story with Video

Solvis Media is a video production company that produces original, creative videos for all professional industries in New York. We can help your business create marketing videos, commercials, branded content, mini-documentaries, advertisements, and more.

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Elements of a Solvis Media-produced Video

We work with all industries to craft stand-out videos for brands across the globe.

Narratives for emotional Impact

A Solvis Media website video, commercial, or advertising video can help potential clients connect with your process and learn more about your brand. We help highlight customer stories, testimonials, and experiences to connect more authentically with your viewers.

Highest Quality cinematography, sound, and production value

While the story is vital, production quality can’t be compromised. Our high-quality cinematography, direction, and sound can enhance storytelling, making it more immersive and authentic. Our attention to detail is noticeable in every shot, every scene.

Authentic Storytelling for Real Connections with Customers

 Our commercials are authentic, drawing from real-world experiences & genuine interactions with your products and services. The key to advertising, in our eyes, is to bring customers the most genuine possible commercial – selling stories rather than just a brand.

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Solvis Media: About our Full-Service Video Production Company near NYC

Solvis Media is a boutique video production company with a dedication to visual storytelling. Our team stands out for its dedication to quality and client satisfaction. We’re recognized for our creative solutions and technical expertise.

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Goal-Oriented Video Production for Forward Thinking Companies in NYC

Videos can serve a multitude of different purposes. Each project has different goals, different metrics to hit, and we’re here to help guide your team in the right direction, when investing in a video. Our creative staff helps perfect the message, and type of video, as well as assisting in publishing and video ad placement. 

We offer a wide range of services, including:

Corporate Videos: Tell your brand’s story.

Commercial Videos: Build awareness on TV and with pre-roll ads.

Other services: Music, promotional, educational, and documentary videos.

Investing in your New York company's growth and time

At Solvis Media NYC, we see videos as a long-term investment, rather than a short-term quick fix. We spend time learning about your brand’s history, and ultimately creating a video that stands the test of time. When we film, we also maximize the time spent on site, to make production costs even more worth it. That means additional B-Roll, Interview Footage, or Cuts of a Commercial, if time allows. Over time, one simple video could turn into a multitude of different videos, just with a few edits and tweaks from our team.

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Our Process for Video Production in NYC

Consultation: We start with understanding your vision.

Production: From scriptwriting to filming, we handle it all with precision.

Post-Production: We edit and refine your video for maximum impact.

Delivery: Your final video is delivered, ready to impress.

Consultation and Concept Development: We begin by understanding your goals and ideas, shaping them into a viable concept.

Scriptwriting and Storyboarding: Every detail is planned, making sure the story aligns with your objectives.

Casting and Location Scouting: We find the perfect fit for on-screen talent and the ideal locations to bring your video to life.

Filming: Our team captures high-quality footage – every shot is perfect.

Editing and Post-Production: We edit and enhance the footage, adding graphics, music, and effects to create a polished final product.

Delivery: You receive a finished video that’s ready to make an impact, delivered on time and to your specifications.

We service all neighborhoods in New York City!

We service all parts of NYC for video, including:
Midtown Manhattan

SoHo and Tribeca



Financial District

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Long Island City, Queens

Greenwich Village

The Meatpacking District

About us

At Solvis, we’re an adaptable, versatile video production company. With every commercial we create, we take a storytelling approach & aim to highlight the emotions and connections that make companies unique. We focus on details, from the subtleties of a character’s look to the overarching plot momentum, aiming to create content that is memorable and impactful. We’re committed to transforming standard videos into engaging experiences that captivate, inspire, and linger with the audience, crafting content that not only catches the eye but also touches the heart and stays in the memory. Through this process, we produce visual stories that make a lasting mark.

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Our Approach


We use a collaborative process that involves clients at every stage, from initial brainstorming and scriptwriting to production and final edits. We're flexible in adapting to client needs and budgets, with a custom approach on every project.


channeling our collective creativity and attention to detail into every shot, every scene. Our team, meticulously assembled for each project, harnesses the perfect mix of talent and technology to capture the narrative's essence. It's a dance of precision and artistry, where lighting, sound, and cinematography converge to create something truly special.


In production, we bring our collective creativity and meticulous attention to detail to the forefront. Our team, tailor-made for each project, combines the right mix of talent and technology to breathe life into the vision. We're hands-on with every aspect, ensuring the lighting, cinematography, and sound design align perfectly with the project's goals.

Post & Delivery

During post-production, we're equally invested. We sift through footage, edit for narrative coherence, and polish the content to make sure it not only aligns with our clients' expectations but surpasses them. Our aim is to deliver a product that stands out for its clarity, emotional impact, and capacity to draw in and engage viewers. Through this entire process, we maintain a flexible and adaptive approach, ready to incorporate new insights or feedback, because our ultimate goal is to create videos that are not just viewed but are impactful and cherished.

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