solvis media video production company

Video Ad Production

We produce video advertisements for brands in all industries.

Build a better awareness campaign

Capture attention online and on TV with our video ads. Designed to cut through the noise of crowded digital spaces, our videos are well thought-out, unique works that differentiate your brand from competition. With a Solvis Media video, your company is not just seen, but remembered—all in under a minute.

Work with our team to conceptualize, strategize, and capitalize on the power of short-form video advertising

Whether it’s driving brand awareness, or increasing conversions, we start by understanding your bottom line for your next video campaign. From there, we spend plenty of time getting to know more about your company’s history, and what you’re trying to achieve in the future. We believe in making creative video content that’s authentic and true to identity. Whether you have a fully written concept that’s ready to be filmed, or just are shopping around, we’d love to hear from you.

About us

Our team is well-versed in a multitude of different video formats, from creating short-form social media content, to producing short documentaries & films. Our versatility comes in handy when working on projects in different industries and companies, who all require different solutions and video strategies. We’ve been doing this for over a decade, and are ready to help your company take the next steps into the world of video production. 

It starts with a single ad

Our video ads can be distributed on any major social media platform or television network. Even filming one commercial, can give ad creative for dozens of video-supported platforms, from social media companies, to TV.

Popular types of video ads that we produce

We specialize in producing targeted video advertisements that are strategically placed before, during, or after online video content. These ads are designed to engage viewers at optimal points in their viewing experience, ensuring maximum exposure and impact for your brand.

For messages that require brevity and impact, we offer bumper ad creation services. These 6-second, non-skippable ads are designed to convey your brand’s message succinctly, making them ideal for platforms where short-form content thrives.

Recognizing the prevalence of mobile consumption, we create vertical video ads optimized for smartphone viewing. This format ensures that your content captures the full attention of the mobile audience without the need for screen rotation.

Whether it’s a concise, impactful story ad for Instagram or a detailed sponsored video on Facebook, we ensure your content resonates with the intended audience. With people intentful on scrolling by, our production team focuses on creating authentic & integrated social media content, which can be used organically or for paid reach.

E-commerce brands are beginning to use the tools provided to them by YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook – shoppable video ads enable direct purchases from the video itself. This streamlined path from discovery to purchase enhances the consumer experience and drives sales.