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Product Videography Services

Work with our professional video producers to create exciting, eye-catching content for your online sales. Whether you’re selling an espresso machine, a long-range radio, or anything in-between, our team has got your back. We work with all industries to create incredible video ads. We also provide informative “how-to” and tutorial videos with actors or presenters for your company, so your customers can have an easier time understanding how to use your products.

Our product videography services can help you inform customers, showcase your product’s unique features, and get them ready to purchase in minutes. We’re based in New York City area, and we proudly serve the US, UK, and entire globe. You ship, we film!

The Power of Our Creative Videography for Products

Showcase your Product In a new light

84% of consumers have been convinced to make a purchase after watching a brand's video (Wyzowl). Using video, you can help prospective customers understand your product better, whether it be fashion or tech - we're ready to create product videos for any industry.

Help customers Make a decision

Product videos for Amazon, E-Commerce, and other online sales platforms can help showcase the features and benefits of your product. Thanks to a study done by Animoto, we know that 96% of customers find product videos helpful for making their purchase decisions.

Increased Email sales & ROI

Using videos for your email marketing campaigns can increase CTR's by up to 300% (Campaign Monitor). Product videos will make your emails have a higher return on investment by increasing engagement and producing higher sales numbers.

Inform customers with Demos and Tutorials

Pairing a demo or how-to video with your new product can help customers understand the product better, and reduce the amount of customer support you need to provide. Video can also provide clarity & visuals that traditional text cannot. A helpful study by Zendesk found that videos reduce customer support calls & emails by 25%.

Our Recent Product Videography work

Suji Digital Ad Campaign

Polo Ralph Lauren "Double Black Cologne" Ad


The most asked questions we get for our product videos. Feel free to ask us some more, contact us today for a free consultation!
  • Initial Development & Pre-Production Process: We start by getting to know your product, outline a vision with your brand for the video project, and schedule a time to film the products in our study. We also schedule travel for on-location filming, to create commercials & more complex ads. 
  • Production: Once our pre-production process is complete, we arrive on location for filming. In general, filming videos can take anywhere from a day to weeks depending on the type of the project. Usually, for Product videos, it depends on how many product videos you desire, as well as the complexity of the project. Contact us for a free consultation and get an estimate of what the turnaround time would be for your project!
  • Post-production: Once filming is complete, we begin editing the project, adding music, and making it pop. For our unscripted product videos, this is where the ad is “written.” We always appreciate client feedback & use a collaborative process to ensure you get the best video possible!
  • Video Distribution: We export & optimize our videos depending on which channel you want to use it on. We offer all types of options for this, from digital advertising for social media, Amazon, and web to television – all exports are included with the price.

The short answer is, there’s not a specific number that can be estimated for a particular project, because each project is special. Factors such as: how long each video is, the amount of talent and actors used, as well as the final script and vision for the video, all impact the price.

For product videos, on the open market, clients can expect to spend around $1,000 for a simple in-studio video with great visuals & visual text effects or graphic design. Higher end projects can range from $3,500 to over $10,000, depending on talent, crew, script, storyboard, location, editing style, and more. 

Contact us to get a free quote and consultation from professionals who can give you insight into the video production industry! 

Videos help your customers better understand the product, or your company’s value propositions. They can help customers make a decision on your product, and stand out from other products that may not have a video. 

There’s a multitude of ways of showing your value through video, and our collaborative process can turn a simple idea into a creative vision for a new video! 

We can do anything video-related, working from scratch, or just polishing an edit. While we love to help with the creative process from start to finish, we gladly work with pre-scripted videos, pre-selected talent, and more. We always preach collaboration in our production process!

We are a boutique firm that has an unmatched portfolio for our price range. We have a proven per-project crew on standby, keeping costs to a minimum for our clients.

We love the craft of video production, from storytelling and writing, to creative cinematography and thoughtful editing. Using our talent in video production, we can help boost sales tremendously. 

When you hire Solvis, you get a stand-out video, delivered by professionals with decades of experience in video production. Oh yeah, and the epic name? Solvis? That’s on the “About Us” Page. Try and guess the meaning beforehand! Here’s a hint – it’s two words combined into one.

“Solvis Media provided excellent, professional video… I’m very pleased that I chose to hire Solvis Media and would recommend it to others.”
Cody Warner
“Solvis understood my firm’s brand and internet marketing goals immediately, and put in place an effective digital media campaign that captured those goals. We have already seen results in improved engagement and, most importantly, new clients. Excellent work.”
Nate Baber
“Solvis did a great job for me and my firm.”
Robert King