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Introduce yourself, communicate your values, and connect with customers in 3 minutes. The brand video is our signature offering.

Work with our team to produce a high-end, showpiece brand video

The Brand Video: Increase Your Landing Page Conversions by up to 80%

A brand video is a mini-documentary style video, lasting anywhere from 1-3 minutes, outlining a company’s history, unique selling points, and values. Typically, we have leadership front and center, in order to make the most impact & showcase authenticity. Our brand videos result in anywhere from a 20-80% increase in landing page conversions.

Our brand videos are made to be showpieces for main website pages. Oftentimes, our brand videos are the first thing a customer will see on a company’s site. We love to make each one unique, and with clear goals in mind. Our brand videos are the best way to connect with customers online, clarify your messaging, and make a lasting impact.

Beyond this, here are some extras that make brand videos a must-have:

– It can be played on any channel, anytime, paid or organic.

– Brand videos have an unlimited shelf life, unlike the traditional 2-3 year lifespan of a corporate video, or 3-10 month lifespan of a TV commercial.

– Brand videos are also an excellent tool for recruitment purposes.

We do this better than anyone else.

We’re serious about that. We do them better than any other production company in the world. The Brand Video is our signature offering.

behind the scenes brand video filming

Bridging the digital divide between customers and brands, one showpiece video at a time

We believe that behind every successful company is a group of passionate individuals who genuinely care about what they do.

We can tell those stories to customers using the most impactful form of media there is today – video.

Create a memorable, lasting impression for your customers with a brand video

Brand videos, running 1-3 minutes, allow for in-depth storytelling and exploration of your company’s past, present, and future. Brand videos are perfect for platforms where audiences are more likely to spend extended periods, like YouTube or company websites. It’s excellent for building deeper connections with your customers through these detailed mini-documentaries.

Our video production team focuses on telling a story, making easy sales and connections with a simple video. Our brand videos help tell your brand’s story with short videos that pack a punch, and can be shared anywhere.

brand video production in action

The all-in-one, perfect opener & closer

Brand videos are an excellent way of introducing yourself & your company, explaining your company’s history, as well as its offerings, mission, and values. Customers are more likely to stay on your site, and have buy-in with your product or service. Increase your know, like, and trust factors, and accelerate your business’ growth. Get in touch for a free consultation & let’s create something amazing.