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Solvis is the premiere video production agency for law firms across the country

Law firm video marketing is a difficult space to navigate in the 21st century. When done right, video can expand your firm’s client base tremendously. Video production for law firms is the best way to tell your story to potential clients.

We offer all types of law firm videos, including testimonial videos, brand videos, get to know you videos, settlement documentaries, and more. We’re based in New York City, and serve all 50 states.


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Recent Law Firm Video Production Work: Ross Cellino of Cellino Law

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Where great law firms…
Meet exceptional Law Firm Video Marketing

To show your brand image to potential clients, you need a great video explaining who you are, and what your brand is about. That’s where we step in.

We’re a premiere law firm video production agency based in New York City, and serve all 50 states.


Potential clients have a hard time choosing the right attorney. With captivating and informative videos on your website, it will set you and your firm apart from the rest.

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Your potentials want to meet you and your firm.

With the power of video, potential clients can meet you before they step in your office, or before they give a call.

Clients are 85% more likely to remember attorneys who use video

Experts estimate that, on average, users on the web only remember about 10% of what they read.

In comparison, users tend to remember about 95% of video content they see.

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People of the web are choosing video.
Law firms are choosing video marketing, too.

Keep up with the latest video production trends

Brand Video for Attorneys

#1 Best Selling Law Firm Video:

Brand videos are the key to having your clients truly understand what kind of firm you are.

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Bio Video for Attorneys

#1 Best Value Video:

Bio videos show each attorney’s expertise, practice area, what they like about the law, and what they do outside of being a lawyer.

These “introduce” potentials to you & your firm, before even getting on the phone with them.

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Video Advertising for Attorneys

#1 Highest ROI:

6 second ads are the highest converting clips on the market right now. Facebook & YouTube have made it extremely easy to promote your firm. We have the expertise & ability to get you the leads you want.

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Make introductions with the click of a button

CRM Software, Facebook Messenger, Text Messages and even over the Phone. It’s hard to get an idea of who you’re talking to, until that first “face-to-face” interaction.

Now, with video, clients can immediately find out who they’re talking to. This fills in the blanks of their expertise & type of lawyer they are.

Beyond just that, we offer explainer videos, Q&A videos, FAQ videos and more. Essentially, your clients and customers can really get a grasp on your expertise.

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Best Example of Law Firm Video Marketing

Experience in Law Firm Video Production

Our team has years of experience and knowledge with Law Firm Videos.

We know the nuances of video production, and how to keep people engaged. From video concept to completion, we’re an in-house production company.

The result? We pride ourselves in having the best flat fees, value and ROI for law firm video marketing.

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Corporate Video Production NYC

Your clients have questions. We have the answer.

Q&A videos and FAQ videos are typically overlooked on most sites. People will look past the walls of text.
With video, you can show off your expertise and knowledge to your potential clients within 30 seconds. These are explainer videos & FAQ videos.

Build your brand awareness through law firm video

Crisp Video group & other video service firms have grown at an astronomical rate in the last 8 years. The Solvis difference is that we provide 100% of the product, for half of the market price. Our mission is to combine affordability with great storytelling, for companies big and small.

Law firms that invest in our video see expansive results overnight. Videos can be shared on the web, social media, and beyond.

With each inquiry, we provide free visual audits, scoping the entirety of your website, Facebook, and social media platforms.

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