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Branded Video Production

In the digital age, branded video production is one of the most sought-after types of video content for all industries. With the right crew, branded videos can captivate audiences, tell compelling stories, and drive brand engagement. Whether it’s B2C, D2C, or B2B, we’ve got you covered for all of your video production needs.

What is Branded Video Content?

Branded video content vary from brand films, mini-documentaries, case studies, customer stories, and more. These can help create brand authenticity and boost engagement with customers. Generally speaking, branded video content is a style of video production that promotes brands in a subtle manner. 

Unlike traditional advertising videos, which constantly promotes a product or service, branded video content tends to be more about storytelling, rather than hard sales. This passive approach creates an emotional connection with the audience, and can increase engagement on media platforms. We produce this type of content for brands across the world.

Types of Branded Video Production Content That We Produce

Branded video content comes in various types of video, each designed to engage the audience while subtly promoting the brand’s values, identity, or products. Here are some examples we see the most. This includes creating content like short films, YouTube series, or mini-documentaries, which can be consumed as entertainment on many online platforms.

Short Story Commercials

These are commercials that go beyond showcasing a product. These videos tell a compelling story that resonates with the audience. Many times, the exact product, service, or company that you’re marketing isn’t even in the video. Brands take the back seat, and let the story do the talking. For example, a sportswear brand might create a commercial featuring an inspiring athlete’s journey, subtly linking the story to its brand.

Documentary-Style & Mini-Documentaries for Online Audiences

These are longer videos explore topics or stories relevant to the brand’s industry or values. These can be around 5-10 minutes, maybe longer. A company in the outdoor apparel market, for example, might create documentaries about conservation efforts, or outdoorsman related content. Occasionally, influencer marketing is used here as well.

Customer Use Case and Testimonials for Corporate Websites

Featuring real-life stories from satisfied customers, these videos are a powerful way of showcasing the brand’s impact and building trust with potential customers.

Oftentimes these types of videos are made in a documentary style.

Examples of Branded Video Content in Action

Microsoft - Day in the Life of Garrett Wilson and Sauce Gardner Mini Documentary

This is a great example of Microsoft Surface showing off their brand, and how it impacts the lives of two NFL superstars. This falls under the umbrella of two types of branded video production: A Product Launch for the Microsoft Surface and an Influencer Collaboration. Surpassing over 100K organic views on YouTube, this campaign was a success. 

This video was also edited into shorter clips for advertising & social media video campaigns, as well.

Suji - An Orlando Soccer Team Success Short Story Video

This is a video we collaborated on with the BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) training startup Suji. We went to Florida and filmed a “use case” scenario. We featured a member of the Orlando Pride women’s pro soccer team, and a clinician at Orlando Health. This is an example of a customer use case video & testimonial video. This is a story-driven video, rather than a direct sales pitch. It’s now featured on Suji’s website homepage, as a great example of BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) training in action.

Singapore Airlines - 'How we make 50,000 meals per day' Mini Documentary Video

Brands sometimes release videos showing behind-the-scenes looks at their operations, such as the making of a product, or their company culture. In this video, Singapore Airlines shows off their large-scale cooking operations. Depending on the subject, this type of branded video can be wildly popular. Think of the “How it’s Made” series. People are always curious about the inner workings of their favorite brands! This one has 11 million views on YouTube.

Red Bull - Markus Eder Skiing Documentary

This mini-documentary is called “The Ultimate Run.” We’d also call it the Ultimate Example of brands going the extra mile & using video production to its fullest potential. Everyone is familiar with Red Bull’s stunts, documentaries, and online video content. This is a great way of aligning their brand with their mantra “Gives You Wings.”  

How We Produce High End Branded Video Content

Thoughtful Video Production

Creating an emotional connection with an audience starts with understanding your brand’s mission and vision, not only for the project, but a company as a whole. We have an extensive pre-production procedure to ensure a smooth, thoughtful production process from jump. This is well-reflected in our completed videos.

Video Production Expertise

Our in-house crew and expanded network have experience in film production, which brings a high level of production value to each and every branded video project we create. Pairing great cinematography, crisp sound and soundtrack, with powerful editing, our videos have the production value of festival-quality shorts.

Creating Emotional Beats

Hitting all the right notes, at the right times. Good editing can’t be understated in our industry – and is hard to come by. Our editors follow your project from pre-production meetings to finish, so they have a thorough understanding of the right emotional cues for each video. A great edit can make the audience think, laugh, cry, or all three, depending on the story.

Things We Consider When Creating Branded Video Content

Telling your story the right way

Branded videos often tell a story that resonates with the target audience. The story might indirectly involve the product or service. Focus more on themes and narratives that align with your brand’s values or audience interests – story first! If you think you’re overselling, you probably are. These videos aim to enhance brand awareness and establish or reinforce a brand’s identity, rather than hard selling.

We keep your viewers engaged

Branded content typically offers value to the viewer, which can be informational, educational, inspirational, or entertaining. Think of something that you’d click on while browsing YouTube. This type of content is designed to engage the audience and foster a deeper, more emotional connection with the brand, rather than just pushing a product or service.

Our tips and tricks to create incredible branded video content

The story is the soul of the video

In our ever-evolving world of producers, cinematographers, editors, and directors, sometimes creatives can get carried away with snappy, over-the-top elements of videos. This distracts the viewer and takes away from the message that is trying to be conveyed. 

At Solvis, one of our mantras is to Stick to the Story! Keep it simple, and understand the mission and goal for each individual video.

Make it last

In News production, journalists ask themselves if a story is “Evergreen” – a story that will remain relevant and won’t become outdated. While news is often a flash in the pan, evergreen video content can be revisited time and time again.

We’re committed to the highest level of creativity we can possibly achieve, with top of the line gear and thoughtful writing. This ensures that a Solvis video will last as long as you need it to for web, TV, online ads, social media, and beyond.

Create new things

Many times over, you’ll see videos in each industry that tend to stick to a cookie-cutter formula. These can become repetitive, stale, and don’t necessarily achieve the right level of excitement that a video can have on a website, social media, or pre-roll ad.

Each concept for a video project should be as unique as the marketing campaign behind it. We always stay collaborative between your team, and our in-house directors, editors and producers.

About us

We provide full-service video production to businesses ready to leverage branded videos for their next campaign. We handle every step of the process from initial concept development to post-production. Our experienced staff & network of scriptwriters, videographers, editors, and producers work collaboratively with everyone to bring your unique visions to life. Whether you’re a creative agency looking to partner up, or a business looking to develop a new video campaign, our video production team is built to meet and exceed your expectations.

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    Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptatem, totam rem aperiam, eaque ipsa quae ab illo inventore et quasi architecto beatae vitae dicta sunt explicabo.