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At Solvis Media, we create results-oriented videos for brands looking to stand out. We have an excellent selection of videos designed to grow your business. Invest in your company & win over more clients with a video by Solvis Media – a leading video production company.

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A Full-Service Video Production Company for Business

We've produced hundreds of videos for brands all over the world.

Customer Testimonials

“Solvis understood my firm’s brand and internet marketing goals immediately, and put in place an effective digital media campaign that captured those goals. We have already seen results in improved engagement and, most importantly, new clients. Excellent video production work.”

Nate Baber

“Solvis Media did a great job for me and my firm. Created an excellent documentary and brand video. Liam is great!”

Robert King

“Solvis Media positioned our brand across several social platforms resulting in a significant impact in visits to our website and conversions to clients. We appreciate the commitment, insights and professionalism with which the Solvis Media team handles our account. They have proven to be a valued partner.”

Daron Shepard

“Solvis Media provided excellent, professional video… I’m very pleased that I chose to hire Solvis Media and would recommend it to others.”

Cody Warner
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Building Brands with Visual Media Since 2021

Solvis Media was founded in Garden City, New York in 2021 by video production specialist Liam Bennett. Solvis Media has grown tremendously in the time since. Now with a physical location in New Haven, Connecticut, we service both the New York metropolitan area, as well as Boston & New England.

Our creative style, relentless work ethic, and incredibly high standards have allowed us to work with brands & companies all over the world, ranging from startups to Fortune 100s.

We’re committed to creating excellent videos that engage customers and clients, and exceed your highest expectations. Our proven process makes us the highest-quality corporate video production company in the Northeast. Contact us for a free consultation and see how video can help grow your business!

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What we do

HIgh-End Video Production Company

Video Production for Business

Need a top of the line video production company to write, direct, or edit your next amazing video? Look no further. Our entirely in-house team writes, directs, films, and edits video projects, from start to finish.

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Build trust in the sales process

Testimonial Video Production

We produce high-end customer case study & testimonial videos that build your know, like, and trust factors with customers.

Make an emotional connection

Brand Video Production

A Solvis Media brand video effectively showcases your mission, vision, and values to customers in a beautiful 2 minute video. The brand video is one of the most important pieces of media a company can get – and we do it better than anyone else.

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Showcase Your products

Product Videos

Highlight your products, and win over your customers with high-end product videos. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Solvis Media

At Solvis, it’s our goal to create the most effective, beautiful video that drives meaningful results for your company. We spend a lot of time actively working with you in advance of production to figure out your brand’s core values. Then, together, we create a concept. Once we have the concept, we begin to write the script & storyboard, and plan out the on-location or in-studio shoot. We specialize in effective, evergreen content that boosts awareness, web traffic and sales. We get any paid talent (if needed) on board, as well as scaling up if we need additional crew, for large-scale projects such as a commercial. We carefully plan out our videos ahead of time, and leave no stone unturned.

If leadership, employee, or customer interviews are needed for the video (which is traditionally the case for Brand Videos, Testimonial Videos, and Explainer Videos), we walk you & your company through the entire shoot. We make sure that everyone is good to go on camera, with a list of best practices & plenty of prep-time.

We always get smiles from our clients when filming on-location. Everyone loves a day to just get out of the daily routine, film some videos & have a good time.

Once we’re done shooting footage, we get to work in our editing room at our Connecticut office. We stay in touch daily with our clients, to stay collaborative throughout the entire editing process. Our clients immediately see results after posting on their website, social media or TV. We call this process the 3 C’s: Collaborate, Create, Convert.

We cannot express with words, how much we care about our clients’ long-term success. Whether it be 1 video or 100, we will do our absolute most to make sure you get measurable results for years to come. Contact us today for a free consultation!

We work with all industries! We have a strong track record particularly in the E-Commerce & Retail industry – producing product videos, explainer videos, lifestyle videos, demo videos, and how-to videos. Recent successful projects include 60+ new product videos for TRX, Case Study videos for Suji, and Product/Explainer videos for Kenwood. 

We got our start working with professional service firms, such as law firms, accounting firms, educational institutions and the healthcare industry. We’ve produced hundreds of videos for clients in these industries – including Brand Videos, Interviews, Explainer Videos, and Testimonial Videos.

We’ve also worked with startups and technology companies to help build their brands online, namely with explainer videos, testimonial videos, and digital ad creative for awareness campaigns. We believe in custom solutions for different businesses, and know that all companies can benefit from high-quality video. Give us a call to get started on your video project today!

Our first office opened in Long Island, New York, just outside of NYC. We now have operations spanning throughout the Northeast, including Boston, with our main office & studio space in New Haven, Connecticut. We additionally have a remote office in Sarasota, Florida. We’ve filmed everywhere in the United States, but mainly work on the eastern seaboard.

We take on projects of all types for East-Coast brands. We’re a full-service video production & creative content agency, whether it be a crew for hire, or a large scale video project – we’ve got you covered.

Contact us today and let’s get to work on your next video project!

The short answer – yes. The long answer: 

We have a handbook of best practices for web, social, and YouTube to assist with your organic strategy. Our clients immediately see results after posting on their website or social media, with some reporting up to an 80% increase in conversions. 

For paid ad campaigns: While we don’t have an in-house digital advertising team, we have trusted agency partners that can guide you through the process of getting your ad creative to the right people, on the right channels. We understand that each platform requires different styles, so we work directly with you and your marketing team to create videos that achieve maximum impact for your ad dollars.

Yes! We have the capability of producing photography and screengrabs for our clients. Our continuous lighting setups allow for us to take high-quality photography during video shoots, which is an added benefit of choosing Solvis Media.

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Hosted by Founder & CEO Liam Bennett, we take a weekly, in-depth look at some of the best marketing campaigns of all time. Check out our recent episode of 15 Minute Marketing below!