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Solvis Media is a video production company that directly works with companies to create corporate films, and delivers incredible results from concept to completion. We work with ad agencies to reach their production & post production goals. Our portfolio of commercial projects include TV advertisements, brand videos, promotional videos, product videos and many more. We deliver creative stand-out projects to all industries around the world. 

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Creative Direction & Pre Production

We assist your brand with budgeting, concept development and scriptwriting. We then work on storyboards, location scout, schedule, and cast for videos. We make sure that our collaborative & aligned vision is laid out, concise, and clear for a smooth, seamless production process.

Directing, Cinematography & Video Production

Our strict pre-production procedures & outlines allow for the production team to focus on set design, cinematic lighting, audio, composition, and directing. We always have filmmakers, directors, cinematographers, and a group of visual artists ready to go.

Post Production & Editing

All of our editing is done in-house. Unlike many video production agencies in the US, we never outsource any aspects of the editing process. We offer color grading, proper music selection, motion graphics, and animations to enhance any project. We finalize your video by polishing the final edit with a transparent and collaborative editing process.

Delivery & Video Publishing

With years of experience in video, we offer accurate, pinpoint timelines for the delivery of our commercial projects. To finalize, we assist with optimizing your new video for each platform, from TV, to web, to social media. When complete with all of our projects, all additional footage is yours to keep forever!

Who We’ve Worked With

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Our Process


We believe that you get what you put into a video. We're not a high-volume video company looking for a quick dollar. The mission at Solvis Media is to provide brands with well thought out, creative, and professional videos & films.
The people who work at Solvis enjoy their line of work, enjoy getting to know you and your brand's story, and love to make videos that stand out from the competition.
Our portfolio of work speaks for itself, in the editing, cinematography, and storytelling. Many of our videos are proudly displayed on websites, online ads, and television screens across the world.


Who You'll Work With

You can find the majority of our crew working on narrative film sets, taking photography, writing scripts, or learning more about their craft in their freetime. They bring the same intent and purpose to the table when working on commercial projects, big and small. The world of videography is constantly evolving, and so are the people who work at Solvis.

Recent Work

Five Star Review: “Solvis Media provided excellent, professional video... production. I’m very pleased that I chose to hire Solvis Media and would recommend it to others.”

Connecting Brand with Customers, One Video at a Time

Storytelling Through Video

Storytelling with video is a powerful medium for captivating and attracting customers and clients.  Our videos have the power to evoke emotions otherwise not shown or told through text, pictures, or graphics.

Whether it’s an commercial, brand video, or a documentary, our video producers work closely with companies of all industries to convey an engaging story to their clients and customers. Have a look at our work, to see some of the great videos we’ve created over the years.

Our high-quality videos always have eye-catching cinematography, and engaging editing techniques that connect with your target audience. We work on every stage of the production process, from scriptwriting and filming to post-production and distribution, and never outsource our work.

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Located by New York City and Boston, built for the US.

Based out of our office & studio in Southern Connecticut, we work with a multitude of brands across the globe. Our location offers close proximity to New York City, servicing the Tri-State area, as well as the Boston metropolitan area. While we frequently work in both cities, we travel all over the United States for studio & on-location work, providing our clients with the same exceptional service, wherever we may be.  

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In our view, video at its best, can be key in captivating the heart of a customer, guest, or client. With top-end video production quality and powerful storytelling skills, we help your brand market a product, tell your story, or capture a moment in time.

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