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Our NYC video production team offers top-tier video production services in NYC and around New York. Our operations span not only across the United States, including New York, Connecticut, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the East Coast, but also all around the world. 

Our skilled video production crew collaborates directly with you and your company, to create concepts and scripts that align with your budget and brand’s identity. With decades of experience in producing videos, we’re the best choice for commercials, marketing videos, video ads, and all video production services in New York, NY.

Solvis Media is a New York City video production company specializing in creating high-quality, engaging videos for businesses, organizations, and individuals. Our team of experienced professionals provides end-to-end production services, from pre-production planning to post-production editing and distribution.

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New York City video production services

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A Video Production Company For New York and NYC

We work with a diverse range of clients from the corporate world, fitness, health and wellness, nonprofits, healthcare, and educational sectors and more, throughout all of New York, NYC.

We’re one of the top New York video production companies that takes on projects of all types from all industries, from concept to completion. By combining cinematic visuals and exceptional storytelling, we craft videos that engage and resonate with your target audience. We take a collaborative approach to truly understand and appreciate the values of your brand, and are a full-service video company.

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NYC Corporate Video Production - What We do

We constantly update our equipment, and work with the best cinematographers, directors, and producers in the video production space, to ensure your video will stand tall against your competitors.

Beyond filming, we manage planning, pre-production, writing, editing, effects, and more, making us a go-to Orlando video production company.

We we offer video production in New York that combines affordability with high quality. You’ll find no compromise on quality or creativity, just real, reasonable pricing that fits your budget.

NYC Video Production Services

Some of the Industries we service: Video Production in New York

In the NYC healthcare sector, our focus is on creating videos that convey empathy and clarity. We produce patient story videos that highlight real experiences and outcomes, bringing a human face to healthcare services. Our video production team also excels in crafting detailed explainer videos for complex medical procedures, offering a clear understanding to patients and their families. Additionally, we provide virtual tours of New York healthcare facilities, showcasing the advanced technology and comforting environments they offer. 

We create engaging promotional videos for NYC educational institutions that capture the essence of their identity and campus life. We also specialize in producing faculty profiles and research project showcases, highlighting the achievements and innovations within educational institutions in New York.

In finance, where trust and clarity are key for customers, our video production team works to break down complex financial products and services, in easy to understand videos. We produce customer testimonial videos that build credibility and showcase real-world applications of financial services. Our explainer videos simplify intricate financial concepts, making them easily understandable for a wide audience. In NYC, videos can help localize larger companies, and connect smaller financial firms with customers in the region.

Choose our New York video production services for your financial communication needs, and let us help you illuminate the world of finance with clarity and trust, right here in the heart of New York City.

Patient Story Videos: Capturing personal stories that highlight the impact of medical care and treatments in the New York healthcare industry. 
Medical Procedure Explainers: Demystifying complex procedures with clear, visually engaging explanations.
Educational Content for Healthcare Professionals: Providing up-to-date, informative content for continuous learning.
Research and Development Showcases: Highlighting the cutting-edge innovations and breakthroughs in life sciences.
Facility Tours: Offering virtual tours of medical facilities, labs, and research centers, showcasing the advanced technology and expertise available.

We also specialize in creating destination videos, providing a bird’s eye view of the beauty and offerings of different locations for companies seeking to produce branded content.

Additionally, for New York, a city celebrated for its hospitality and vibrant tourism, our video production services bring a unique flair to showcasing hotels, resorts, and other hospitality businesses. Understanding the critical role of visual storytelling in the hospitality sector, we focus on creating captivating videos that highlight the unique experiences and amenities your business offers.

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Who We Are

We specialize in a wide range of video services, including corporate videos, commercials, documentaries, music videos, and event coverage.

Our NYC video production team is a talented group, including directors, cinematographers, editors, and scriptwriters. At Solvis Media, we thrive on creativity and collaboration.

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Popular Types of Videos Produced in NYC

Executive Interviews & Leadership Spotlights

Elevate your executives with our polished interview and spotlight videos. We specialize in producing compelling interview pieces that position your leaders as industry visionaries. Our video production team ensures each interview conveys authority, insight, and the human element behind your corporate persona.

In the competitive market of New York, a strong brand identity is vital. Our brand storytelling services weave the narrative of your company into captivating video content. We craft films that resonate with your audience, showcasing your brand’s legacy, values, and vision through cinematic storytelling.

Video Training & Instructional Videos

Streamline your training processes with our educational and instructional video productions. From onboarding new employees to rolling out new software or procedures, training videos are designed for clarity and engagement, ensuring your team receives consistent and effective training. We have the capability of handling it all.

Commercial & Promotional New York Video Production

With a pulse on business trends, our commercial and promotional videos are designed to catch the eye of your target market in NYC and beyond. Whether it’s a product launch or a seasonal campaign, our production team creates high-impact videos that drive consumer action and enhance your brand’s visibility.

Testimonials & Case Study Features

Testimonials and case studies are the bedrock of trust in your brand. We produce authentic testimonial videos in New York that highlight customer satisfaction and detailed case studies that demonstrate the impact of your services, adding invaluable social proof to your marketing efforts.

Corporate Event Recaps

Capture the energy of your corporate events with our premium videography services. From grand openings to corporate galas in NYC’s prestigious venues, our team crafts vibrant video content that encapsulates the spirit of your event. These videos not only serve as a dynamic record but also as a potent promotional tool for your future events.


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A New York Video Production Company

Solvis Media is a video production company with a dedication to unique visual storytelling. We offer our creative video services to all industries. We’re located in the tri-state area, and frequently service all 5 boroughs of New York City, Upstate New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Long Island. Contact us today for a free creative consultation for your brand!

In a city that’s home to one of the most competitive business environments, video can be an excellent way of standing out from the competition. Whether it’s a commercial that turns heads, or a corporate video that turns website visitors into instant customers, we can help make it happen. From an up-and-coming startup in Brooklyn, to an established corporation in Manhattan, our range of industries we service, as well as types of videos we create, run the gamut. We’ve got the tools and talent to bring your vision to video.

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