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The hospitality industry, renowned for its emphasis on service and guest experience, is increasingly turning to video production as a key tool in its marketing and communication arsenal. The power of visual storytelling in this industry cannot be overstated. Video content offers an immersive way for hotels, resorts, restaurants, and other hospitality services to showcase their offerings, atmosphere, and the unique experiences they provide.

We help hotels and resorts market their experiences with high-quality, authentic video production

The hospitality industry, with its unique challenges and opportunities, requires a specialized approach to video production. Understanding these needs is key to creating content that not only looks good but also effectively communicates the brand’s message and meets its objectives. At Solvis Media, we work directly with you to enhance your brand image and stand out in the market with our top-end video production team.

Visualize your hotel or resort experience

From the comfort of the rooms to the ambiance of dining spaces, our videos can bring your experiences to life. Convey the atmosphere, the service quality, and what it feels like to be at your resort or hotel.

Bring past customer experiences to the forefront

By sharing positive customer experiences and testimonials, hotels and restaurants can build trust and credibility with video. This is particularly important for new or refurbished establishments looking to make their mark in a competitive market.

Highlight your unique selling points

Our high quality videos can highlight unique selling points, whether it’s a stunning location, exceptional service, world-class cuisine, or exclusive amenities. Video can also tackle the challenge of seasonal fluctuations. By showcasing the best of what a place has to offer in different seasons, it can help attract guests year-round.

Solvis Media provided excellent, professional video production. I’m very pleased that I chose to hire Solvis Media and would recommend it to others.

– Cody Warner.

Types of videos we create for hotels, resorts, and the hospitality industry

We can help you launch any simple or complex video campaign. Our team of video producers are up to any task.

The hospitality industry benefits from a variety of video types, each serving a specific purpose and catering to different aspects of the guest experience. Here’s a closer look at the key types of video productions that can significantly enhance the appeal and reach of hospitality businesses.

Promotional Brand Videos

Promotional videos are all about showcasing the best features of a hotel or resort. These videos are designed to capture the essence of the property, highlighting luxurious rooms, exceptional amenities, scenic views, and top-notch services. The aim is to create an aspirational feel that entices viewers to book a stay. Such videos often include sweeping aerial shots, beautiful interior walkthroughs, and snippets of the unique experiences guests can expect.

Customer Testimonials and Customer Success Stories

Nothing speaks louder than a satisfied guest. Customer testimonial videos feature real guests sharing their experiences. These videos lend authenticity and build trust among potential customers. They can cover various aspects of the stay, from the booking process to the checkout, focusing on what made their stay memorable.

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours allow potential guests to explore a property digitally. These videos provide a 360-degree view of hotel rooms, lobbies, restaurants, spas, and other facilities. They are particularly useful for guests planning events like weddings or conferences, as they can get a real sense of the space and its suitability for their needs.

Your People, Behind the Scenes

Behind-the-scenes videos humanize a brand and build a connection with the audience. They can feature interviews with staff, show the preparation of gourmet meals in the kitchen, or the day-to-day operations of maintaining a top-tier hotel or resort. These videos give guests a unique perspective and create a sense of familiarity with the property.

branded video production for hotels and resorts

Free Branded Video Production Concepts for Hotels and Resorts

“A Day in Paradise” – A Day-in-the-Life Series

Concept: A video series capturing a typical day at a resort from the viewpoint of different guests (a family, a couple, a solo traveler). The series showcases the range of activities and experiences available, from sunrise yoga on the beach to a gourmet dinner under the stars.

“Your Home Away From Home” – Customer Experience Stories

Concept: A heartwarming video series featuring stories from guests about their stay, focusing on the personalized service and home-like comfort the hotel provides. This content can create an emotional connection with potential guests.

“Explore with Us” – Local Attractions and Tours

Concept: Short, engaging videos featuring local attractions and activities recommended by the hotel. This could include guided tours, hidden gems in the city, or scenic nature trails, offering guests an authentic local experience.

We produce authentic video campaigns

At Solvis Media, we’re dedicated to translating your brand’s philosophy into unique videos that captivate and engage your audience. Our expert video production team specializes in creating content that is not only visually stunning, but also strategically aligned with your brand’s core values. Using creative video, we’ve consistently driven customer acquisition, retention, value, and revenue for our clients.

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