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Solvis Media is one of the Best Companies for Video Production in Orlando in 2024

Orlando Creative Video Production Agency

Our Orlando video production team offers top-tier video production services in Orlando and around the globe. Our operations span not only across the United States, including Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina, but also internationally. We collaborate with well-known brands, corporations, and organizations locally and globally, constantly delivering exceptional video production services.

Our skilled video production crew collaborates directly with you and your brand to craft concepts and scripts that align with your budget and brand’s identity. With decades of experience in producing videos, we’re the best choice for commercials, marketing videos, and all video production services in the Southeastern United States.

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A Video Production Company For Orlando

We serve a wide variety of clients, including corporations, nonprofits, healthcare providers, and educational institutions, both in Orlando and beyond.

As one of the leading video production companies in Orlando, we handle projects from any industry, guiding them from initial concept to final completion.

sarasota florida video production company

Our Sarasota, FL location

We’re local! We have an established presence right in downtown Sarasota. We’re able to travel all over South Florida for high-level video production services, including Orlando.

Why Orlando Companies Choose Solvis Media for Video Production

High-Quality Production: We continuously update our equipment and collaborate with top cinematographers, directors, and producers to ensure your video stands out from the competition. Full-Service Ad Agency: We handle everything from planning and pre-production to writing, editing, and effects, making us a trusted Orlando video production company for commercial and corporate projects. Reasonable, Fair Pricing: We offer affordable video production in Orlando without compromising on quality or creativity. Our pricing is transparent and designed to fit your budget
Orlando Video Production Company

What we do

  • Strategy, Writing and Pre-Production: We work to get across key points, including your brand ethos, aspirations, and audience preferences. We get the messaging for each video right. Then, it’s on to writing, storyboarding, and finally and developing a schedule for the shoot.
  • Production: With precision and artistry, we bring these stories to life using top of the line equipment and direction.
  • Post-Production: After filming, our focus shifts to editing, sound, finding the right soundtrack, color correction, and any special effects.
  • Distribution: We ensure your commercial, advertisement, or video gets optimal visibility, be it on local TV channels, website, or online advertising platforms.

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Types of Videos We Produce in Orlando

Executive Interviews & Leadership Spotlights

Showcase your executives with our professional interview and spotlight videos. We create compelling pieces that highlight your leaders as industry visionaries. Our Orlando video production team ensures each interview conveys authority, insight, and the human element behind your corporate persona.

Brand Storytelling & Corporate Films in Orlando

In Orlando’s competitive market, a strong brand identity is essential. Our brand storytelling services turn your company’s narrative into captivating video content. We produce films that resonate with your audience, showcasing your brand’s legacy, values, and vision through cinematic storytelling.

Video Training & Instructional Videos

Enhance your training processes with our educational and instructional videos. From onboarding new employees to implementing new software or procedures, our training videos are designed for clarity and engagement, ensuring your team receives consistent and effective training. We handle it all.

Commercial & Promotional Video Production

With an eye on business trends, our commercial and promotional videos are crafted to attract your target market in Orlando and beyond. Whether it’s a product launch or a seasonal campaign, our production team creates high-impact videos that drive consumer action and boost your brand’s visibility.

Testimonials & Case Study Videos

Testimonials and case studies build trust in your brand. We produce authentic testimonial videos that highlight customer satisfaction and detailed case studies that demonstrate the impact of your services, adding invaluable social proof to your marketing efforts.

Corporate Event Recap Videography in Orlando

Capture the excitement of your corporate events with our top-notch videography services. From grand openings to corporate galas in Orlando’s prestigious venues, we create vibrant video content that encapsulates the spirit of your event. These videos serve as dynamic records and potent promotional tools for future events.

We provide video production services throughout Orlando, including the following neighborhoods: Altamonte Springs, Baldwin Park, College Park, Conway, Downtown Orlando, Dr. Phillips, East Orlando, Edgewood, Holden Heights, Lake Eola Heights, Lake Nona, MetroWest, Mills 50, Orwin Manor, Parramore, Rosemont, Thornton Park, Universal Studios Area, Vista East, and Winter Park.

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Orlando Video Production Company - Solvis Media

Orlando Video Production Company - Solvis Media

Solvis Media is Orlando's leading video production company. Specializing in brand videos, testimonials, and explainer videos. Get a free quote today!

The cost of video production varies widely based on several factors such as the complexity of the project, the number of shooting locations, the size of the crew, and the amount of post-production work required. Use our handy calculator to get a custom quote for your next project. 

The timeline for video production can range from a few hours for simple shoots to several weeks for more complex projects. Factors such as pre-production planning, the number of filming days, and post-production editing all play a role in the duration. We will provide a specific timeline based on your project’s requirements.


We use professional-grade equipment, including cinema cameras, high-quality lenses, lighting equipment, and sound recording devices to ensure the best possible quality for your videos. 


Absolutely! Your involvement is crucial to ensure the final product aligns with your vision. You can participate in various stages, including pre-production planning, on-set supervision, and post-production reviews. We value your feedback and collaboration throughout the process!

Several factors impact the cost, including project complexity, video length, number of locations, crew size, talent fees, and post-production services. Discussing your budget and expectations with us early on helps us provide the best possible product within your budget.

If we’re being honest, you’re already at the best place for it! Just give us a call or shoot us an email for a free consultation.

Look for a team that has successfully produced videos similar to your project and check reviews and references from past clients to see if they can meet your needs.

There’s a reason why we only produce a select types of videos – we want to be the best company for brand videos, testimonial videos, interviews and product video production.