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Connecting Healthcare Brands With Customers, One Video At A Time

Solvis Media is a video production company that produces original, creative videos for all professional industries. We can help your healthcare organization create marketing videos, patient education videos, training videos, testimonials, and more.

Contact us today for a free creative consultation, and see how video production can help improve your healthcare organization’s marketing strategy!

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About Our Video Production Company

Solvis Media is a boutique video production company with a dedication to visual storytelling. We offer our creative services to all industries. Contact us today for a free creative consultation for your brand!

The Power of Video Production For Healthcare Organizations

Promote Your Brand

Using video, we can create a tour of the facilities and campus, film bio videos to introduce doctors & show their credentials, and create a brand video to explain your mission & vision as an organization.


Testimonial videos showcase patient outcomes. Success stories can show how a particular healthcare organization has helped their medical situation. We can create "mini-documentaries" based off of particular case studies.

Educate Patients

To show and market your brand image to potential clients, you need a great video explaining who you are, and what your law firm is about. That’s where we step in with an excellent brand video.

Training Videos

To show and market your brand image to potential clients, you need a great video explaining who you are, and what your law firm is about. That’s where we step in with an excellent brand video.

What are some types of healthcare videos you offer?

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Our Process for Healthcare Video Production

On-Location Video Production

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Our Post Production & Editing Process


The most asked questions we get for healthcare videos. Feel free to ask us some more, contact us today for a free consultation!


  • Initial Development & Pre-Production Process: We start by getting to know you and your organization better, outline a vision for the video project, scout locations, and schedule our crew and more. We make sure both parties are on the same page heading into the production process, for a seamless experience.
  • Production: Once our pre-production process is complete, we arrive on location for filming. In general, filming videos can take anywhere from a day to weeks depending on the type of the project. 
  • Post-production: Once filming is complete, we begin editing the project, scoring music. For our unscripted interview-style videos, this is where the story is “written.” We always appreciate client feedback & use a collaborative process to ensure you get the best video possible!
  • Video Distribution: We export & optimize our videos depending on which channel you want to use it on. We offer all types of options for this, from web to television, and they’re all included with the price.

The costs for a healthcare video can vary based on a number of factors. In short, healthcare organizations can expect to spend anywhere starting around $5,000 to $50,000 or more, depending on the project. A brand video with different locations, a multitude of interviews, and complex storytelling could cost $20,000 or more on the open market.

 We offer free consultations to outline the expenses of each project, and give you an understanding of the market rates for other companies. We have a transparent, per-project fee structure that works to accommodate most budgets.

At the end of the day, when prices range that much, it comes down to the quality of the production company, the length of the video, and the amount of videos needed. We’ve worked on projects ranging from 1 video to 50+ videos. When you hire us, you can enjoy the same superior quality of a Solvis Media video no matter the project.

Videos help your potential clients understand your value proposition, mission, vision, and why you’re the best lawyer in town. People can get to know you, before picking up the phone or filling out a form. Videos are also very versatile, so you can repurpose them for any other outlets you’d like to promote your brand on. We oftentimes work with law firms that want just a “web video,” but assist them in making shorter “cuts” for social media and digital advertising, which are both great ways of reaching your target audience. From Television to web, we’ve got you covered.

Healthcare companies can use a multitude of different videos, for all channels. We create unique content that stands out from other “corporate” videos, intended to catch the eye of your target audience. Healthcare companies can create brand videos to showcase what separates them from the competition, as well as their mission and vision. Bio videos can introduce doctors and staff to potential clients, frequently asked question videos to answer common questions from patients, and recruitment videos. Of course, those are only a few ideas. We’re ready to tackle any video project.

We are a boutique firm that has an unmatched portfolio for our price range. We have a proven per-project crew on standby, keeping costs to a minimum for our clients.

We love the craft of video production, from storytelling and writing, to creative cinematography and thoughtful editing. Using our talent in video production, we can take law firms’ marketing strategies to the next level.

When you hire Solvis, you get a stand-out video, delivered by professionals with decades of experience in video production. Oh yeah, and the epic name? Solvis? That’s on the “About Us” Page. Try and guess the meaning beforehand! Here’s a hint – it’s two words combined into one.