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Kickstarter and Startup Video Production

We build brands with powerful, unique videos that evoke, connect, and convert. 

Providing High-Quality Videos for Startup Brands in all Industries

To get funding or new customers for innovative products & services, your brand needs a video showcasing what sets you apart.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an independent creator trying to fund a brand new game, consumer product, a kickstarter video can help sell your business idea to potential backers, your audience, and future customers.


What we Do for Kickstarters & startups

Startup Video Example

We produced a digital marketing video for our client Suji. Their goal was simple: create a short-form video mixed with testimonials and show a real-world use case. As seen here, when trying to connect with customers, video can be one of the most powerful tools to showcase your product. This modern video helped them grow with their digital marketing campaign, and showcases the features and benefits of ‘Suji‘ their industry leading athletic BFR training product. It’s now front and center on their main website. The video we produced has a great combination of personal testimonials from a trainer and athlete, as well as the use of the product in a real-world setting. Have a look: