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Corporate Portraits: These photos focus on the individuals within the company, often used for executive profiles, staff introductions, or team presentations on websites and in corporate materials.

Product Photography: This involves capturing high-quality images of products to showcase them effectively in marketing materials, on websites, and in catalogs. The goal is to highlight the product’s features and appeal to potential customers.

Event Photography: Covering corporate events, conferences, trade shows, or company celebrations, event photography documents important occasions and captures key moments and interactions.

Industrial Photography: This type focuses on the industrial aspect of a business, including manufacturing processes, industrial settings, machinery, and workers in action. It’s often used in company reports, brochures, and industry publications.

Real Estate and Architectural Photography: For businesses related to property, real estate photography captures buildings, offices, or retail spaces, highlighting their design and layout.

Food Photography: Restaurants, cafes, and food producers use this type of photography to showcase their dishes and products in an appealing way, essential for menus, advertising, and social media.

Headshots: Professional headshots are crucial for individual professionals and company teams, often used on company websites, social media profiles, and professional networking platforms like LinkedIn.

Brand Lifestyle Photography: This style captures products or services in action, showing how they integrate into everyday life or professional settings, helping to convey the brand’s story and values.

Editorial Photography: Used in magazines, online publications, and corporate blogs, this type of photography complements written content and helps illustrate stories or highlight company achievements.

E-Commerce Photography: Specifically designed for online stores, e-commerce photography focuses on capturing products in a way that encourages online shoppers to make a purchase.