Documentary Video Production

Tell your story with through our lenses. We create short and long form documentaries for companies & agencies.

We’re a group of quality-driven video producers that create short and long form documentaries. In production, our technical skills meet journalistic and artistic integrity. 

Whether it’s creating branded content for your company, creating new documentaries or telling new stories with video, our video production team can help tell your story through our lenses.

This is an example of a mini documentary we created for the camp lejeune lawsuit, on behalf of the spouses, which is currently ongoing.

The documentary genre is continually evolving with technology. Filmmakers now experiment with various formats, including short-form documentaries for social media, interactive web documentaries, and virtual reality experiences, to engage with a broader audience.

Documentary video production is not just about capturing reality; it’s about presenting a perspective on reality that informs, engages, and sometimes challenges the viewer. It’s a blend of artistry, journalism, and storytelling that brings vital issues and stories to a global audience.

Documentary Video Production – How We See it

Documentary video production is a captivating and powerful storytelling medium used to explore real-world subjects, people, and events. This form of production combines artistic vision with a commitment to factual reporting, presenting audiences with an insightful, often eye-opening, view of the world.

Exploring Themes and Subjects

Documentary videos explore a wide range of themes, from social and political issues to historical events and personal stories. The choice of subject is often driven by a desire to shed light on lesser-known topics, challenge perceptions, or address pressing societal issues.

How we produce documentaries

High-quality production values are crucial. This includes expert cinematography that captures the essence of the subject matter, clear audio recording, especially for interviews, and professional editing that seamlessly weaves together various elements of the story.

Our Narrative Techniques

While rooted in reality, documentaries still rely on narrative techniques to engage viewers. Storytelling elements such as character development, conflict, and resolution are employed to create a compelling narrative arc that keeps viewers invested.

Creating a documentary: Getting Started

Many documentaries aim to have a social impact, raising awareness about issues and often inspiring change. If you have a topic you’d like to create a film about, reach out to our creative directors and see if it’s something we can produce.

Dawn’s Story: A Camp LeJeune Mini-Doc

The King Law firm in Rochester, NY is one of a few law firms in America representing the widowed spouses of men and women who passed away due to cancer-causing chemicals at a military base. We were commissioned to create a short documentary, with Dawn opening up on some of her experiences with her husband & how she’s felt in the years since his passing.

Our Documentary Video Production Services

We specialize in bringing your compelling stories to life through our top-tier documentary video production services. Our expertise lies in transforming ideas into visual masterpieces that inform, engage, and inspire.

Emotional Storytelling

Our team excels in crafting engaging narratives that resonate with audiences. We delve deep into subjects, ensuring every documentary is informative, emotionally impactful, and visually stunning.

Our Standards

Leveraging state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge techniques, we guarantee a cinematic quality that elevates your documentary above the rest. All of our producers work on creative projects in their free time.

Our Approach

Every project is unique. We collaborate closely with our clients to tailor our approach to their specific vision and objectives.

We know how to market your project

Beyond production, we assist in strategizing effective distribution to ensure your documentary reaches the desired audience, from film festivals to digital platforms.

documentary mountain

We make documentaries for brands looking to take a creative approach to video.

What our video producers do for you:

Research and Concept Development: We create a credible and informative documentary, in collaboration with your brand.

Producing and Editing: Our writers and producers help create a compelling story arc that engages viewers.

Interviews, B-Roll and more: Utilizing interviews with key figures or experts to provide authenticity and depth. Additionally, our cinematographers create amazing visuals to convey the mood, theme, and facts of the documentary.

Editing and Post-production: We use these elements to stitch together interviews, archival footage, and narration in an emotional way. Have a look at our recent documentary we produced for King Law firm.

Want to learn more? Contact us today for a free consultation with a creative director, and learn if a mini-documentary is the right type of video for your brand.