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We're a Top Choice for All Video Production needs in Miami, Florida

Explore our range of services for Miami – including corporate videos, commercials, event coverage, and creative film production. We tailor every project to meet our clients’ unique needs, using Miami’s beautiful backdrop to create impactful videos for businesses and agencies in the area.

Our team is composed of experienced directors, cinematographers, editors, and producers, each bringing a unique flair to your next video project. With years of experience in the industry, we’re a top choice for video production across the country. Contact us today to get a quote or find out if we’re the right partner for your production needs.

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Why Miami Businesses Choose Solvis Media for Video Production

Highest Production Value: We constantly update our equipment, and work with the best cinematographers, directors, and producers in the video production space, to ensure your video will stand tall against your competitors. Our experienced team specialize in bringing your vision to video, whether it’s for corporate videos, commercials, online advertisements, mini-documentaries, and more. 

We’re a Full-Service Company: Beyond filming, we manage planning, pre-production, writing, editing, effects, and more, making us a go-to Miami video production company.

Reasonable, Fair Pricing: We we offer video production in Miami that combines affordability with high quality. You’ll find no compromise on quality or creativity, just transparent, reasonable pricing that fits your budget.

About us

What we do

  • Strategy, Writing and Pre-Production: We delve deep into your brand ethos, aspirations, and audience preferences to get the messaging for each video right. Then, it’s on to writing, storyboarding, and finally and developing a schedule for the shoot.
  • Production: With precision and artistry, we bring these stories to life using top of the line equipment and direction.
  • Post-Production: After filming, our focus shifts to editing, sound, finding the right soundtrack, color correction, and any special effects.
  • Distribution: We ensure your commercial, advertisement, or video gets optimal visibility, be it on local TV channels, website, or online advertising platforms.
Miami video production
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Miami Video Production Services

Our Process and Campaign Development

Our production process at our Miami Video Production company is simple and goal-oriented. We begin with a creative consultation to understand your vision and objectives for your new campaign. Next, our team helps develop a unique concept with your team in a collaborative manner. Thoughtful planning and scheduling follow. Filming is done with our constantly updated & always new equipment, creating the highest-quality footage. Director, Cinematographer, and all crew members needed for your project travel to any location around the globe. Finally, our post-production team brings it all together with collaborative editing process between us and your team. We can assist with video publishing and distribution efforts as well. 

Our Favorite Video Production Statistics

Marketing Industry Statistics

77% of professionals have created video content in the past three years, with a significant portion either handling production internally or seeking outside support. This underscores the growing reliance on video content in business strategies​.

Consumer Preferences

About 79% of consumers enjoy watching video content from brands online, highlighting the effectiveness of video in engaging audiences​.

YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook are the top platforms for video consumption, with TikTok also gaining traction. Interestingly, 58% of consumers prefer watching videos on smartphones, emphasizing the need for mobile-optimized content.

Executives Talk about Corporate Video Production

The demand for corporate video content has spiked, as 59% of executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same topic on the same page, their customers prefer to watch the video.

15% of executives are prepared to invest $10,000 or more, indicating the value placed on high-quality video content​

1. Corporate Video Production in Miami
Elevate your corporate image with our Miami Corporate Video Production service. We specialize in creating engaging corporate videos that effectively communicate your brand’s message and values. From scripting to post-production, our team ensures a seamless process and high-quality output.

2. Television Commercials and Online Video Production: Commercial Video Production
Captivate your audience with our standout Commercial Video Production. Our Miami team blends creativity and marketing insights to produce commercials that not only look great but also drive results. Whether you’re launching a new product or building brand awareness, we’re here to help.

3. Event Videography, Event Recap Videos, and Event Promotional Videos
Capture the essence of your events with our Miami Event Videography. Be it a corporate function, a music festival, or a private celebration, our videographers are adept at documenting your special moments. We provide comprehensive event coverage, ensuring no moment is missed.

6. Documentary Filmmaking
Tell compelling stories through our Documentary Filmmaking services in Miami. Our team excels in crafting documentaries that are both informative and emotionally engaging, covering a wide range of topics and narratives.

7. Post-Production and Editing Services
Transform your raw footage into polished, professional videos with our Post-Production and Editing services. Our Miami-based editors utilize the latest software and techniques to provide high-quality editing, color grading, sound design, and more.

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We’re here to make your video production goals happen. Stand out in the Miami business landscape with our video content that captivates, convinces, and converts. Ready to get started? Give us a shout on this form, and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours. 

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We service all of the Miami metro area, including Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Pompano Beach, West Palm Beach, Coral Springs, Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Homestead, Miramar, Pembroke Pines, Hialeah, Doral, Miami Gardens, North Miami, Plantation, Sunrise.

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The most asked questions we get for law firm videos. Feel free to ask us some more, contact us today for a free consultation!

The cost of producing a video varies widely based on multiple factors like filming locations, crew size, and production time. The size, scope, and talent level required for each project varies tremendously. To provide accurate pricing, we discuss your project’s goals and make recommendations that fit your budget​​. Give us a call or email us for a creative consultation and get an accurate estimate.

The production time can range from a few hours for simple interviews to several weeks for complex projects like ad campaigns or documentaries. We’ll provide an accurate timeline based on your project’s scope and our workload​​.

Our services include state-of-the-art 4K cameras, professional grip equipment, editing software, and various packages to meet budgetary needs. We also offer script writing, pre-production, and post-production services, ensuring a comprehensive video production experience​​.

We have a skilled team of videographers, as well as experts in photography, graphic design, and content marketing, to help your team with all aspects of video production​​.

We offer professional voice-over services as needed for your project, providing a range of talent options to best suit your goals​​. We scout talent and choose the best voice over artist for the job.

The number of crew members varies depending on the project size. Small promotional projects might need only 1-2 crew members, while larger-scale projects could require 20 or more​​.

You can have as much or as little involvement as you desire. Whether you want to be hands-on at every step or prefer minimal involvement, we accommodate your preference​​.

We are willing to travel to your location, anywhere in the United States, for the project, and it’s included in the price. 

We typically ask for a deposit at the beginning of the project and the remainder upon completion. Major payment methods like check, bank transfer, Venmo/PayPal, and credit cards (small fees apply) are accepted​​.

“Solvis Media provided excellent, professional video… I’m very pleased that I chose to hire Solvis Media and would recommend it to others.”
Cody Warner
“Solvis understood my firm’s brand and internet marketing goals immediately, and put in place an effective digital media campaign that captured those goals. We have already seen results in improved engagement and, most importantly, new clients. Excellent work.”
Nate Baber
“Solvis did a great job for me and my firm.”
Robert King
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