2023’s Top Video Marketing Trends

The Leading Trends in Video Marketing for 2023, as seen by our video professionals. We list below our top 5 video trends that we’re eying this year, so far. We also give some helpful tips & tricks, if you or your company wants to try a trend yourself!

Video Marketing Trend 1: Live Streaming and Broadcasting

Live streaming has been steadily increasing in popularity for a while, and in 2023, it’s predicted to grow much more. Brands broadcasting a live event or giving behind-the-scenes access, can engage with their audience in real time. So far, in 2023, there have been over 150 million live-stream viewers (Satisca). Younger people, who are frequently drawn to the immediacy and authenticity of live material, are particularly well-served by this trend (70%+ of Twitch users are age 16 to 34). Twitch, Instagram Live, YouTube, and more platforms are all beginning to be used by brands throughout the globe.

Helpful Tip: For live streaming, make sure to promote your broadcasts ahead of time and interact with your audience during the stream to keep them engaged.

Person Livestreaming a Concert on Instagram Live (Credit: Joseph Redfield)

Video Marketing Trend 2: Vertical Video Content

With the increase in scrolling formats in social media, vertical video has become incredibly popular & valuable for brands to use. This format is best for viewing on smartphones and social media platforms, where people are more likely to scroll vertically. You can use vertical video to create content that is perfect for mobile devices. For example, companies create short-form videos for social media or optimize product demos and tutorials for vertical viewers. Instagram Reels, Facebook Reels, & YouTube Shorts are all mediums that vertical video thrives on.

Helpful Tip: Sometimes people are just scrolling through social media silently in public without headphones or audio. When creating vertical video, make sure to use subtitles or captions to help out users without volume on.

A Person Scrolls Through an Aesthetic Instagram Feed (Credit: cottonbro studio)

Video Marketing Trend 3: Interactive Video for Websites

An innovative and interesting approach to interact with your audience is through interactive video experiences. Forms, polls, and clickable hotspots/touchpoints are just a few features you can use to convert viewers into customers. This approach is great at generating engaging brand experiences and boosting website engagement. This is still a growing & frequently updating area of video production.

Innovative companies are beginning to capitalize on this. Vimeo has some great tools for brands using hotspots & more for interactive video. Talk with a video production company to see if this could fit into your brand’s marketing strategy.

(Screenshot: Vimeo.com)

Helpful Tip: When creating interactive video experiences, make sure any element (hotspots, polls, forms, etc.) adds value to the user’s experience and don’t detract from the video itself.

Video Marketing Trend 4: 360 Degree Video

Taking the world by storm in the mid 2010’s, 360 video & VR was a lot more hype than reality. (Remember the cardboard VR glasses from Google?). Today, it’s being increasingly used by real estate professionals, and the hospitality/travel industry to promote their places. These companies can use 360-degree video to showcase homes, provide virtual tours of a resort, or create interactive experiences that transport potential visitors to their locations.

Helpful Tip: Don’t use 360 video if you don’t need it. When done right, it’s a great tool to use, but don’t use it without intent to inform or convey a message.

(Screenshot: www.matterport.com)

Video Marketing Trend 5: Personalized Video Content

It’s crucial to identify strategies to stand out from the competition as consumers are being overwhelmed with marketing messages on a constant basis. One method to achieve it is through customized video material. You may make video content that speaks precisely to your audience’s needs and interests by utilizing data and insights about them. Depending on previous encounters with your brand, this might involve personalized product recommendations, targeted promotions, or individualized messaging.

Helpful Tip: It might be useful to speak with a video production company, to help hone your messaging. Additionally, they can help visualize that story, and create a cohesive, high-quality brand video.

Stay up to date with all trends! Give us a shout & see if video can work for you and your brand!

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