Everyone has a story.
Let us tell yours.

Solvis is a Long Island video production company
that provides brands of all sizes & locations with the
best marketing tool of the 21st century – video.

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Proven Success in Visual Media

Solvis is a Long Island video production company & service,
always available to create corporate video in Long Island, NYC, Connecticut, and country-wide.
Our creative approach ensures that each piece of
visual media we make is unique in its own way.
Don’t just hear it from us, though.
Hear what some of our clients have to say:

Comprehensive Video Marketing

Video for Long Island Companies Big & Small

From Fortune 500’s to small startups, we believe
that companies of all sizes should have access
to high-quality, professional visuals – without breaking
the bank. We started corporate video production on
Long Island, but now, operate everywhere.

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Stand out from the crowd

It doesn’t stop at pictures, backlinking, or even billboards.
It’s no lie, in the unrelenting world of marketing, it’s hard to stand out. Your brand has a great mission & vision – and we’re here to tell it with compelling visuals.

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Scroll down to see some of the brands we’ve worked with!

Some of our video production clients in Long Island, NYC & Connecticut:

  • Law Firm Video Ga
  • Law Firm Video Production New York
  • Healthcare Video Marketing
  • Law Firm Video Marketing
  • Real Estate Video Production
  • Small Business Firm Video Marketing
  • Contract Videographer for Website Companies
  • Video Production for Small Towns & Politicians
  • Houston Law Firm Video Videos Attorney
  • Connecticut Law Firm Video
  • Atlanta Law Firm Video
  • New York New York Law Firm Video Attorney
  • New York Buffalo Rochester Law Firm Video
  • One Hope Wine
  • how to video production
  • Nassau County Chambers Commerce


What kind of visuals, marketing, or
direction do you need?

You name it, we can do it.

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Fresh content. Monthly.
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Options for Every Brand

Every brand is unique. Unique brands need unique
solutions. We’re a versatile production company,
and we’re here to create any beautiful content
that your brand needs.

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A picture is worth 1,000 words.
Video Production is worth

1.8 million.

People want information quickly, conveniently, and at their fingertips. Catering to your audience’s preferences with amazing video can be incredibly effective.
In fact, 88% of marketers are planning to use video on Facebook or YouTube in 2021. Create an immersive brand awareness campaign that drives traffic, boosts SEO, and generates leads.

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Build your brand with digital media… & boost your business.

From concept to completion, we’re a full service Long Island-based video and visual media studio. We do everything video, so you can focus on what really matters – converting potentials into real customers.

With locations in NYC, Long Island & Connecticut, we serve the tri-state area & the whole country.

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#1 Video Production Company in Long Island

What Company are You?

What companies in the 21st century are beginning to realize – is the importance of visual assets on the website, on social media and all other platforms.

Your company is more than a product or service. It’s a collection of employees and hard-working teams who have chosen to dedicate their professional lives to a cause they believe in. It’s important that the brand’s mission & vision are clear to potential clients & potential job candidates.

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Storytelling in the Workplace.

Solvis Media specializes in story-telling. We like to think of our visuals as an exercise in multipurpose narratives. 

Our production specialists work directly with your team from the start. We’re committed to creating videos that engage customers and clients, and also meet your standards. Our process ensures that we have the highest-quality corporate video production in Long Island, in NYC and in Connecticut.

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Corporate Video Production long island NY

Produce Stunning Corporate Video

With years of experience and quality skills, Solvis Media produces stunning
corporate video at a great value. Show your potentials who & what your brand is about
with our creative team. We’ve created a collective of great artists that all have a collective goal:
building brands through visual media.

The Visual Process


At Solvis, it’s our goal to create the most effective, beautiful video that converts for you. We spend a lot of time actively working with you to figure out your brand’s core values. Then, we create a concept.
Once we have the concept, we begin to write the script, and plan out video production. We specialize in effective, evergreen content that boosts awareness, traffic and sales.


We take as much time as necessary to carefully craft stunning visuals on & off site. When we show up with our crew, we walk you & your company through the entire shoot as effectively & efficiently as possible.
We always get smiles from our clients. Everyone loves a day to just get out of the daily routine, shoot some video & have a good time.

Post Production

Once we’re done shooting footage, we get to work in our editing room at our Long Island studio. We stay in touch daily with our clients, to make sure we make the cleanest & most satisfactory cut.
After the editing process is over, it’s time for distribution! Our clients immediately see results after posting on their website, social media or TV. We call this process the 3 C’s: Collaborate, Create, Convert.

Pre Production:


Post Production:

Ready to get started?

We are, too.

Shoot us a quick message, tell us a little bit about you and your needs, and we’ll have a creative director reach out to you within 24 hours.

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