Building Brands With The Power of Video Since 2019

In our view, video at its best, can be key in captivating the heart of a customer, guest, or client. With top-end video production quality and powerful storytelling skills, we help your brand market a product, tell your story, or capture a moment in time.

Our wide array of experience includes corporate documentaries, TV commercials, short films, coverage of live events, and more. Our base of clients is a diverse group, ranging from small businesses in rural areas, to tech startups like Suji, to well known brands like Kenwood & Tesla.

We travel all over the United States for our video projects, so whether you’re in Temple, Texas, or New York, New York, we’re here to work with you for your next project. We have the people and resources available to tackle projects of any size. Get in touch with us today, and let’s work together to turn a simple idea to a memorable video.


Sol (n.) “the sun personified”

Roughly translated from Greek, the etymology of the word “Photography” means “Painting with Light.”

vis (v.) “see, look at, observe.”

Our end goal – visuals that stands out to your target audience.

Key People

Liam Bennett

Founder & Creative Director

“I love working with people who share my enthusiasm, drive, and passion for their business, as that is always reflected in the final cut of any video, whether it be a short social media clip, or a full documentary.”

I’ve always had a passion for telling stories through visuals, ever since I got my hands on a camera and editing software. I remember splicing up videos of skateboarders in New York City with cheap editing software on my middle school computer. My drive and passion for video producing has not stopped since then. 

In this field, I’m forever aspiring to create better and better work. I’m my harshest critic, but the very best feedback is from those who work with me. There’s nothing that leaves me more satisfied than a person happy with the video that we created together. Since I’m consistently striving to maximize my potential as a video producer, I can confidently say that my most recent video is always going to be my best.

My expertise has landed me at cities and towns all over the country, working with small businesses and Fortune 100s alike. I’ve helped hundreds of invididuals improve their marketing goals with videos that have a unique angle to them. 

The best filmmakers always say “Show, don’t tell.” My strongest belief is that, in a world that is becoming growingly in-personable with AI, adding a human element to your business is going to set you apart from your competiton, bar-none. Our collaborative production process starts from getting to know who you are, and what you’re trying to acheive with your goals. We craft a story that fits your business. Then, we execute our final vision and create something that shows without telling. Watching the vision that we set out to achieve come to fruition while filming, editing, and getting that final thumbs up is my favorite part of the job.

When I’m not behind the camera or behind the scenes, you can find me at the gym, reading new books, learning to become a better cook, or enjoying some valuable time with friends and family.